Bon Appetit

I watched Julie and Julia for the first time tonight, and if that movie doesn’t inspire a writer to write or a chef to cook, then I do believe these two figures identify with the wrong occupation because, as the former, I think I could write blog entries until morning, and I’m almost certain if I were the latter I would be bustling around my kitchen searching through my cupboards, pantry, and refrigerator to find the ingredients for a late night meal of boeuf à la bourguignonne. This delightful movie takes the art of writing and cooking and displays them in their most honest light. It seems quite natural that these arts are hand in hand, because really, when I think about it, they are very similar. Writing and cooking are both enjoyed by many and mastered by few, both call for time, dedication, perseverance, and courage, both take the plain and colorless and brightens them with rays of vibrant hues. Writing turns a bad day into an amusing evening tale and a disappointment into a well-learned lesson. Cooking turns an egg into a fluffy omelette and a calf’s leg into a dinnertime masterpiece. Rain into waterfalls, sand into stardust, stones into diamonds, nonsense into story….writing and cooking do this.

So thank you Julie and Julia. You made my day. I am probably the five-thousandth person to write a blog entry after seeing this movie, but I don’t mind, in fact, I’m very proud to join my fellow bloggers who were influenced by these women who pursued after their art. And, though I don’t believe I’ll boil a live lobster or debone a duck anytime soon, I do think that tomorrow I’ll bake a batch of muffins.

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