Evening of Amoré 2011

Last night was full of fun and laughter as it was Evening of Amore, the youth group fundraising event at church that I wrote and directed a few skits for. I was very pleased at how the skits turned out. The high school actors did a hilarious job, leaving the audience chuckling over the ridiculous stories I had concocted. Let me say that it is extremely rewarding as a playwright to watch my little stories come to life before my eyes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a skit for your church or a play showing on Broadway; to see the actors you directed deliver your lines correctly, and then observe the audience respond the way you desire, gives you unequivocal delight as a playwright and director.

The skits were only a small part of the successful night, as the decorations, food, videos, and costumes all contributed to making the evening enjoyable for everyone who attended. As a result of both a silent and live auction, money was raised for the youth group, so thanks to all of those who gave and purchased items. All in all, I had a great time at Evening of Amore 2011, and am already excited about next year. To the high schoolers who were in the skits, great job! I hope I have the privilege to work with you again sometime.

I did not take too many pictures last night as my attention was not on photography, but I thought I would include a photo I took backstage of the lovable characters of Linda, Cindy, Donald, and Thomas.

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