Valentine’s Day

I set out this afternoon in search of the history of Valentine’s Day. Where it originated, who Saint Valentine was, what year it was first recognized, etc. And I ended up learning that the history of February 14 is actually pretty foggy. It seems no one knows exactly who Saint Valentine was. I guess the Catholic church recognizes three saints who bear the name Valentine or Valentinus. There are ideas that the day began in reaction against a pagan festival on February 15. Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated in England in the seventeenth century and was more commonly recognized in the eighteenth century. And today about one billion cards are sent on February 14, eighty-five percent which are bought by women. If you want to read in more detail you can check out the link

Anyway, I find it interesting how many people recognize this holiday that no one knows a lot about. We remember the Pilgrims on Thanksgiving, the nativity on Christmas, the resurrection on Easter. But Valentine’s Day? I don’t think anyone does much remembering today. Am I suggesting that this is a bad thing? No, not exactly. I’ll be the first to admit that this morning I baked heart-shaped biscuits, slipped on my candy-apple red flats, and sang along with Josh Groban as I drove to bring a homemade lunch to my boyfriend at work. It can be a fun day for lovers young and old to appreciate the relationship they have together. So, is Valentine’s Day a holiday to be revered? No. A holiday to be enjoyed? Yes, I think so.


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