Celtic Woman Countdown, Number 10: Send Me a Song

For those of you who don’t already know, Celtic Woman, Shannon and my favorite musical group, is coming to Grand Rapids on April 5. The rest of the family is already far too acquainted with the date. Shannon and I have April 5 circled on the family calendar, scribbled on sticky notes, and inscribed on the mantle. After a steamy shower my brother finds “April 5” written on the mirror and in the morning the only way my mom can get Shannon and I to wake up is by whispering “It’s April the fifth, dear,” in our ears. One evening my dad looked out the window and saw an airplane flying low over the neighborhood. He was about to call 911 until he saw “5/5/11” written in the sky and Gaelic lyrics blaring through the clouds.

All of that to say, Shannon and I are very excited about the concert. And we have only ten more days to wait! In honor of the significant event, Shannon and I decided to select what we believe to be the top ten songs recorded by Celtic Woman. With over eighty songs to choose from, it was a hard list to decide on, but we did it, and for the next ten days I will be blogging about our choices. I will disclose one song per day, starting at the bottom and ending with our top pick. I will write about why we chose the song, as well as include a link to watch the song performed on youtube. I hope you enjoy the Connelly Celtic Woman Countdown!

10. Send Me a Song

Lisa Kelly sang this song for the first Celtic Woman show at The Helix in Dublin, Ireland. David Downes, the creator, director, and composer for Celtic Woman, accompanied Lisa on the piano, and it is now an expectation that every Celtic Woman album include a song written by David for Lisa. Perhaps it is out of pure sentiment that I like this song, for I have sung it many times to loved ones who were far away, but I do believe Lisa’s powerful voice fits perfectly with the sweet lyrics and simple melody.

Click here to see Lisa perform Send Me a Song.


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