Celtic Woman Countdown, Number 4: Amazing Grace

4. Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, sung by Lisa, Chloë, Alex, and Lynn for Celtic Woman: Songs From the Heart, is by far the most glorious arrangement I have ever heard of this traditional hymn.  The song is like the process of a painting. The bagpipe brushes the first stroke of color across the canvas, and by the end of the song you have a myriad of symphonic hues. The bagpipes, soloists, choir, and orchestra all contribute to the majestic picture that tells of the amazing grace one may receive through Christ. This message makes Amazing Grace part of this top ten list; not only does it display musical excellence, but it also proclaims truth.

Click here to see the performance of Amazing Grace.



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  1. Brian and I have always loved the Celtic women and Amazing Grace is God exalting in both lyrical and artistic presentation. It reminds me of the first time I stood and listened to the City of Edinburgh Bag Pipe Band play Amazing Grace at the foot of Edinburgh Castle.

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