Celtic Woman Countdown, Number 1: Mo Ghile Mear

The day is finally here! Tonight Shannon and I will be in the audience at Van Andel Arena to see Celtic Woman. We are ecstatic, as those of you who know us can probably imagine. Check back tomorrow for our review on tonight’s concert, but first, I need to reveal Shannon and my pick on the top Celtic Woman song ever performed.

1. Mo Ghile Mear

Mo Ghile Mear depicts what Celtic Woman is all about. The delightful number is colorful, tasteful, and exciting. Mo Ghile Mear means “my dashing darling,” and both Gaelic and English are used in this song that tells of the day of sea, on which one leaves to find her dashing darling who has gone far away. Even the bittersweet lyrics are representative of Celtic Woman, for these ladies always sing about the whole of life, both the sadness and the happiness every human faces during their time on earth. Their tone is always uplifting, though, inspiring the listener to persevere in life in spite of hardship. The musical aspect of Mo Ghile Mear is simply delightful. Lisa, Hayley, Chloë, Méav, and Órla are enthusiastic singers, and Máiréad is dazzling on her fiddle. Mo Ghile Mear was the perfect closing number for Celtic Woman: A New Journey, and it is a similarly suitable piece to close out the Connelly girls’ Celtic Woman Countdown.

Click here to see the performance of Mo Ghile Mear.

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  1. Very nice way to end our Celtic Woman songs on facebook! I looked forward to it everyday. Have a wonderful time at the concert! I’ll try not to be jealous. 🙂

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