Straight to You, One More Time

Those who read my Straight to You post back in March already know the Josh Groban concert that occurred Saturday night was a much anticipated event for Shannon and me. Our seats, though satisfactory, weren’t particularly close to the main stage, so it was a pleasant surprise when Josh made his entrance from the opposite end of the building and sang a few numbers on a platform directly in front of us. Shannon and I thoroughly enjoyed every song, though we were disappointed he didn’t sing the title song of the tour, Straight to You, or his recent hit single, Hidden Away. The evening had a relaxed feel, with Josh talking in between songs and answering questions audience members had texted him. Overall it was a fantastic concert, and Shannon and I were impressed by the level of musicianship shown not only by Josh, but also his band which consisted of about a dozen acoustic instruments.

I have enjoyed Josh Groban’s music for several years now, but I developed a deeper connection to and respect for his songs with the release of Illuminations, his most recent album. Josh wrote all but two of the thirteen tracks, and the genuine thoughts and feelings add character to his work. During the concert Josh referred to the writing he did for Illuminations and how the songs reflect what was going on in his life at the time. “Sometimes love sucks,” he said, and then went on to perform Higher Window, Shannon’s and my all-time favorite of his songs.

Though his proclamation is blunt, Josh is right. Sometimes love sucks. And sometimes love is wonderful. And sometimes life is tragic and sometimes life is filled with joy. Betrayal is heartbreaking and redemption is the most beautiful thing imaginable. All of these truths are worth writing a song about. This is what I appreciate most about Josh Groban, as well as other musicians I admire, that their music encompasses the wide spectrum of human emotion and experience and attributes worth to each one. The concert Saturday night took Shannon and I through several of these emotions and experiences, and there were times when we cried, clapped, or sang along in order to fully embrace the story the music told. It was a night we will always remember, the night when Josh Groban came straight to us, one more time.

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