Snow White Gets Auto Insurance

I bought my first car a few weeks ago and named her Snow White. The fact that I named my ’98 Honda Civic after a Disney princess and refer to her using a personal pronoun might give you an idea as to how much I know about auto insurance. Which is nothing.

A few days after I bought Snow White my dad sat me down to have the ‘insurance talk.’ I heard a lot of terms thrown around like ‘collision,’ ‘liability,’ and ‘deductible,’ but about the only coherent thing I got out of the conversation was, “if there’s anything you don’t understand, call Becky from the insurance company.” I had a feeling Becky and I were going to be introduced very soon.

A few days later I got a letter in the mail from Becky with a couple of forms I needed to fill out in order to begin my payments. I took one look at the forms and started having flashbacks to filing my taxes last February (if you want to know about that episode, read my Death and Taxes post). I panicked, shoving the forms under a nearby pile of papers. I thought maybe if I couldn’t see them they would go away. But they were like the color red in an Alfred Hitchock movie, they just kept showing up everywhere I looked.

I stuck them in a box and then found them on top of the kitchen table. I hid them under my mattress and they showed up in my closet. I mailed them to Timbuktu and the next morning they were sitting in my underwear drawer. After I received an e-mail from Becky asking if I had received her letter I decided to give in and fill out the paperwork. I had to do it on my own since Snow White wasn’t much help, but it wasn’t as hard as I originally thought. I called Becky to let her know the forms were on their way, and even asked her a few questions. It was an accomplishment for me just to form a logical sentence involving the word ‘insurance.’

Auto insurance will never be my strong suit, but as a twenty-three year old woman who owns a car, I suppose I need to know something on the subject, and Snow White is definitely worth it. I’ll have to remind myself of that every month when an automatic withdrawal is taken out of my bank account. Seriously, for all the money I’m spending on her she might as well be royalty.



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  1. Anna, quite a good looking princess……..Love the story!
    (I meant you, not the car, although its an upgrade from the purple firebird/camero?:o)

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