Twinkle Toes

Like 90 percent of the six-year-old girls on the planet, when I was young I wanted to be a ballerina. I begged my parents to sign me up for a summer dance class where I would certainly begin a flourishing career. Fourteen plié’s later I decided maybe it would be better to pursue something a little easier on the thighs.

So I gave up the ballet class and took to being a writer, which requires zippo toning of the leg muscles. However, I continue to appreciate the art of ballet, and was excited to hear Ballet Magnificat! was coming to my church. The Omega company performed Hiding Place this past Thursday, and on Wednesday night I had the privilege of hosting Jessica and Kayla, two of the lovely dancers, in my home.

Realizing I had two knowledgeable ballerinas at my disposal, I thought it might be a good idea to brush up on some of the technique I had lost over the past seventeen years. Since my summer dance class days my ballet experience had been limited to what I call impromptú en bedroomé. I was very glad when Kayla and Jessica agreed to give me a ballet lesson. Here’s what I learned:

-There are two kinds of pliés: demi-pliés and grand-pliés. Both result in burning thighs.

-Ballerinas like fondu so much they made it a position, which consists of bending your knee, picking up one foot, and pretending to use your toes to dip a pretzel into a pot of melted chocolate.

-An arabesque is both easier and safer to play on the piano than to do with your body.

-Ballet is really just a french translation of tae kwon do, minus the yelling and breaking of two by fours.

Although the lesson was enjoyable, I was forced once again to face the fact that I am just not cut out for the work of a ballet dancer. But the disciplines of this art are well worth the time and effort for those who are dedicated, as was proved by Ballet Magnificat! Omega Thursday night. Their performance of Hiding Place was stunning, the beauty and truth of the program giving testimony to the love, forgiveness, and glory of our Creator.

It was a delight to meet Jessica, Kayla, and the rest of the people touring with Ballet Magnificat! Omega, and I will always remember my personal ballet lesson. I might even try to incorporate the new positions I learned in my impromptús. Until then, I’ll enjoy writing about it and leave the real dancing to the professionals.


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  1. What a fun time that must have been!

    My mother aspired to be a ballerina in her 30’s which meant my sister and I also took lessons. I never got the hang of it and did not appreciate being laughed at because I was ‘cute’ in my dance recital when I was six. I was quite offended and that was the end of my ballet career.

    The Hiding Place ballet was just wonderful though! I really love ballet now!

  2. Oh Dear Anna,
    Once again I am sitting in front of my computer with tears running down my cheeks from laughing out loud so much it may me cry. I think I would have paid to see you performing your ballet moves.

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