Case Solved! (Except For the Jeans)

Lately I have had trouble finding my clothes. This is a strange and frustrating problem. I am normally very organized with my clothing and know where every piece is down to the dresser and drawer. All my pants are stacked neatly on one shelf, my sock drawer is categorized into athletic, knee, trouser, and nylon, and my closet is color coordinated. So you can see why it is so unnerving when something goes missing.

It all started a few weeks ago when the jeans I wanted to wear were not in their assigned stack. I searched several places, but after coming up empty-handed figured I had accidentally set them in a pile of clothing brought to Goodwill. I was disappointed, not because they were my nice jeans, but because they were my not-so-nice jeans. If you lose your not-so-nice jeans, this means you must designate a pair of nice jeans to become not-so-nice jeans. And I really liked my nice jeans, and I wished I could just keep them nice forever.

A few weeks later I couldn’t find a sweatshirt. It was my favorite sweatshirt and I knew I would never find another one like it, as it had come from a secondhand box in the dorm hallway during my junior year of college. I vainly searched through every drawer and closet and finally gave up, settling on my second favorite sweatshirt, the one that had come from the secondhand box during my sophmore year.

The mystery culminated this past rainy Wednesday morning when I went to grab my coat, my nice, gray coat with a hood that I paid real money for off the clearance rack at Old Navy. Perturbed that it wasn’t hanging in its assigned location I pulled on a non-hooded coat and hurried to the car to avoid drenching my freshly teased hair.

Upon arriving at the office I stopped in the hallway to hang up my wet, non-hooded coat. And there, hanging on the church coatrack, was my nice, gray coat with a hood! And right next to it hung my favorite sweatshirt! I stood there in shock, baffled as to why these garments were here, of all places. After asking a few other staff members, I realized no one knew where my lost coverings had come from. While I rejoice in the discovery, to this day I remain completely confused as to why I found them where I did. I also remain puzzled over where my not-so-nice jeans ended up, almost surprised they weren’t hanging right next to the coat and sweatshirt. I mean, if I’m going to lose clothes, you would think I’d at least be organized about it.


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  1. This is so funny! How on earth did your missing clothes get left at church? 😉

    We are “missing” a pink bike horn after the last First Friday Friends. The other day I saw little Faith VG trucking down the hallway tooting the horn with glee. Not sure at all how she got it, but she had the missing horn!


  2. Okay so love this post but very disappointed that there isn’t a post about soothing the baby with your finger as a pacifier and the mysterious dog poop. 😉

  3. Is this true? How very funny! You know, there’s hope for the jeans. Everything is coming home to roost in reverse order….

  4. I stole the jeans…I confess. 🙂 Don’t you miss the good ole missionary barrel? I got like half my wardrobe from that thing!

  5. Hey Anna! Which sweatshirt was it? Remember the cat/grandma one Brittney had and wore for so long (especially in the winter)? : ) This story kind of does make me miss the missionary barrel. I got a nice pair of earrings last time I was there. : )

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