Valentine’s Day: Not as Easy as ABC

I’ve been a fan of February 14 ever since I discovered you could buy Valentines with your favorite Disney characters on them. I bought a package again this year, though as time goes on it becomes more and more of a challenge to figure out who to give them to. I usually end up sending half the box to Shannon, my sister and fellow elementary-school-style-Valentine lover.

I know some people feel bad for single girls on Valentine’s Day, but to be honest I’m not depressed at all. Besides, if I was really desperate for a significant other (which I’m not) I wouldn’t have to go far. The funny thing about being a 23-year-old single girl is that people hope to change your relationship status as soon as possible by introducing you to a guy who would be “just perfect.” When someone begins telling me about one of these “just perfect” men I usually find out they have one or more of the following three characteristics:

A. Doesn’t know I exist.

B. Is too busy with work, school, etc. to consider a relationship.

C. Lives in a foreign country.

As I try to explain how this A, B, or C man could never possibly work out for me the conversation begins to resemble the exchanges I have with salesmen who come to my front door to sell lawn service.

Me: “I don’t think I’m interested in A, B, or C today.”

ABC Salesman: “But we have an exclusive offer this week……a trial date. Besides, it’s free!”

Me: “Um, no thank you.”

ABC Salesman: “Well, alright, but at least let me leave you with some information to keep in mind for the future.”

Before I can change the subject my matchmaker sneaks in one more sentence such as “I’m inviting you both to my house for a movie” or “he’ll be in town for a couple weeks,” as if the knowledge that I could be in closer proximity to him than I am now will change my mind.

While some people might wish otherwise, my Disney Valentines are still reserved for girls only. Speaking of Valentines, I received a postcard from Mr. Handsome yesterday. (For those of you who have yet to be introduced to Mr. Handsome, click here to check out my blog post on Snow White getting her oil changed.) He thanked me for bringing in my ’98 Honda Civic and hopes that I had “an excellent experience.” As far as I can tell Mr. Handsome is devoid of the previously described A, B, and C, plus he remembered to send me a card on Valentine’s week. If that’s not “just perfect,” I don’t know what is.


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  1. You made me smile again and that is truly a gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Wonder what Mr. Hansome is doing today? Probably dreaming about Snow White. 🙂

  2. I love reading your writing. It’s looks like Mr. Handsome could fall into the catagory of “to be continued.” I’ll be reading. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. You seriously need to find someone to publish you…like a weekly column in a newspaper…It would be a hit…I see it, “A day in the life of A. C.”

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