If the Lip Sticks, Wear It!

My cousin recently began wearing mascara and was describing to me the awkwardness of bringing the brush so close to her eye.

“Ah,” I said, “I see you are entering into the mascara phase.”

“The mascara phase?”

“Yes,” I said. “Every girl goes through her makeup phases. It’s kind of like the water cycle, or the stages of grief. Some phases might overlap into other phases, and you’re bound to repeat a phase here and there.”

All of this reminded me of my own makeup phases, which began in junior high when my mother first allowed me to use the cosmetic. In seventh grade makeup equaled blue eyeshadow, which I wore consistently until I realized that getting up ten minutes earlier to make myself look like the the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty just wasn’t worth it.

I then entered my “natural” phase for several years until college, when I discovered mascara would make your eyes appear more awake than they really were.

My most memorable makeup phase was during the year I worked at a trendy retail clothing store. I call this my “Lite-Brite” phase because that is exactly what I made my eyelids look like. This phase ended after a few months when my boyfriend at the time graciously told me I didn’t need to wear so much makeup, which I translated into “You look like a doofus with your two-tone eyeshadow,” (which was probably true).

I am currently in my lipstick phase. This has been going on since October when I read about how red lipstick was “in” in a style magazine. At the time the only tube I owned was five years old and smelled like a moldy kitchen sink, but I am now the proud owner of seven tubes of lipstick. My favorite shade is called “burn,” which is exactly what this lipstick phase is doing to my pocket. I am trying to hold off for a while, but can hardly wait to buy a shade of peach, which I hear is the new lipstick trend for the spring. I better hope this lipstick phase doesn’t cross over into another two-tone phase or I might end up looking like Queen Amidala. Then again, if the lip sticks….


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    • I know, it’s true! I just keep wanting brighter and bolder shades! Don’t be surprised if you start needing sunglasses pretty soon here. 🙂

  1. When I was in middle school, my friend, Jackie, would put her makeup on on the bus. She would climb on the bus at her bus stop, looking very sleepy and little girl-ish. Then, on the smooth parts, where the bus wasn’t jerking or bouncing, she would hunch down beside me in the seat, and magically pop up looking much older and more glamorous. It was pretty tricky when the bus would hit an unexpected pot hole. Those were the days that the lipstick REALLY stuck! 🙂

    • Haha….that’s hilarious! I always marvel at people I see putting on makeup in the car, especially mascara. I think I would end up getting makeup all over and looking worse off than when I started!

  2. Anna, I still struggle with make up and am trying to master the two shades of eye shadow and blending…always with the blending! Not really a make up girl myself but the older I get the more I see it’s better for everyone that I make the effort 🙂 Your blog continues to bring a smile to my face.

    • Oh yes, the eye shadow blending. I’m better at that than I used to be. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading! It makes my day whenever I find out my blog makes someone smile. 🙂

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