Dinos For Dinner

Last night my family ordered pizza, and it’s a tradition that whenever we order pizza for dinner we eat it in the living room while watching a movie. As we were waiting for our order my parents, brother (Brian), and I huddled around the computer to study the Redbox website, trying to decide on a movie.

Brian and I couldn’t agree. I wanted to watch Winnie-the-Pooh and he wanted to watch Planet of the Apes. It’s silly that we couldn’t just pick one since they’re essentially the same thing: a story about talking animals who live in their own world and are visited by man. However, the minor differences got the best of us and we ditched these two ideas since there was no consensus.

Somehow we agreed upon The Lost World: Jurassic Park, which my dad had recorded on the DVR. This fit the “animals who live in their own world” theme, except that instead of talking to men the animals ate them. I actually really like the first Jurassic Park movie, which is why I agreed to watch the The Lost World in the first place, but the increase of death by hungry dinosaurs and decrease of intelligent plot made me not so fond of the sequel.

My favorite part of the movie, besides the ending, was the scene where I got up to use the restroom. During the rest of it, if I wasn’t grimacing, screaming, or jumping off the sofa, I was holding a pillow in front of my face. Since it was hard to know when to take the pillow down without the risk of seeing a dining dino, I would wait for Brian to give me the okay. It usually took him a few times to convince me.

“Okay Anna, you can watch now.”

“But I still hear the dinosaur!”

“They’re not showing anything.”

“But is he still eating the guy?”

“No, Eddie’s long gone. You really can watch now.”

Then the pillow would come down and I would continue to watch, glad that I didn’t have any particular attachment to Eddie. My mom obviously had the same opinion of the movie, because whenever I had to put up the pillow my mom decided to leave the room.

“I should probably put the pizza away,” she’d say.

I think she put the pizza away fifteen times.

Both my mom and I were relieved when the movie was over and the dinosaurs did exactly what the title suggests, got lost, which is exactly what we hope will happen to the movie on the DVR system. My dad then let us watch an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in order to convince us that we were, indeed, “gonna make it after all.”

Considering our original preferences, I really think Brian got the better end of the deal. I am going to campaign harder for Winnie-the-Pooh the next time we order pizza, or at least for something that won’t require the use of a pillow. I heard my dad say he recorded Toy Story 3 on the DVR, which, although has a T-Rex, shouldn’t be much of a threat. Until then, I think I’ll pass on dinos for dinner from now on.


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  1. Haha. Very nice. But the whole experience sounds simply awful. Except the pizza that is. When I first read the title I imagined those nasty chicken nuggets that are in the shapes of dinos…Don’t ask how I know about them…babysitting maybe? Gross…as gross as that movie sounds.

    • Yeah, the movie was pretty bad. This past weekend Brian was gone, so my parents rented Winnie-the-Pooh for me, and the three of us watched it together. 🙂 It was super cute….much better than Jurassic Park!

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