Coming Soon to an Airport Near You

My sister, Shannon, is going to school in Spokane, Washington, and I decided a few months ago that I wanted to visit her sometime this spring. It just so happens that Celtic Woman is performing in Spokane in April, so you can see why it was easy to narrow down the dates. I’ll fly out a few days before the concert and stay for almost a week.

When I told Shannon my plan over the phone she was a little surprised.

“You’re going to fly? On an airplane?” she said.

“Yes, of course I’m going to fly on an airplane.”

“By yourself?!”


I heard laughter on the other end of the line.

“Um, Shannon, why is that funny?”

My joyful sister could hardly stop chuckling long enough to answer my question.

“I’m sorry, Anna. It’s just that I was imagining you….by yourself….in an airport! The funniest picture came to mind.”

It’s not just that I’ve never flown by myself before. It’s that I’ve never flown before, period. I know it’s hard to believe, but I, a twenty-three year old grown adult, have never traveled by plane. Ever. Not only that, I’ve also never traveled as far as Spokane. I bought my plane ticket this week, so it’s now official that in April 2012 I will make my longest trip ever, alone, by flight. I think this is very exciting, though many people I’ve talked to find it more comical. I certainly don’t blame them, there’s sure to be some entertaining stories along the way, which is why I’m planning to blog during my travels. So be looking for daily posts a month from now when I go up, up, and away!

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