The Hunger Games, Part I: Grocery Shopping

As many of you know, The Hunger Games movie came out today. I haven’t seen it yet, but my brother, Brian, and I have tickets to see it tomorrow night. In the meantime, we’re busy playing our own version of The Hunger Games, a game that is also known as The “My Parents Are Out of Town and I Have to Feed Myself For a Week” Game.

My parents left to visit my sister in Spokane, so The Hunger Games are on for Brian and I as we fend for ourselves until Mom and Dad return. After taking a look in our sparse refrigerator Brian and I decided a trip to the grocery store would be a good way to start in order to win this game.

We arrived at Meijer at 9:15pm, which I realized is not a very popular time to go grocery shopping. I also realized that if you laugh in a mostly empty grocery store it is very loud. After I startled everyone in the produce department I noticed Brian stopped cracking jokes.

While the object of The Connelly Hunger Games (don’t get hungry) is the same for both Brian and I, the strategies we chose are very different. For example, in one aisle, while I was trying to decide whether to get vegetable or brown rice pasta, Brian was busy throwing packets of Oreo flavored frosting in the cart. Our final pickings were as follows:

Anna: organic spinach, carrots, vegetable pasta, frozen mango, rice cereal, almond milk

Brian: microwavable bacon, pizza flavored Pringles, frozen pizza, Reese’s Puffs

We’ll see how this game turns out for each of us. It’s sure to be interesting, and, of course, we hope the odds will be ever in our favor.


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