The Hunger Games, Part III: The Final Course

My brother, Brian, and I have been playing our own version of The Hunger Games this past week as we attempted to survive without our parents, who were out of town visiting our sister in Spokane. Last night our parents returned safe and sound, and since Brian and I were both in one piece, healthy, and properly nourished, I am proud to pronounce us both winners of The Connelly Hunger Games.

The final test came yesterday at 8:15pm when Brian said, “Hey Anna, what time will Mom and Dad be home?”

“I think in two or three hours.”

“Oh, okay. Probably a good time to look at the list of things we’re supposed to do while they’re gone.”

Good idea, Brian.

We both pulled out the list and took a look at what we had been expected to accomplish over the past six days. Fortunately, we had already done most of the tasks, so there was no reason to panic. Our parents arrived three hours later with the house just as spic and span as they had left it.

Brian and I had actually gotten pretty used to being by ourselves, so now the challenge is getting used to having two more people in the house, not having chocolate chip pancakes as a main course, and talking about things other than our personal ruminations on The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins’ version). Thanks, Brian, for such a fun week, and thank you, reader, for coming along for the ride!

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