How To Start a Day Trip in 3 Easy Steps (Or Less, if You’re Smart)

Last Thursday my mom, Brian (my brother), and I traveled to Birch Run to meet my grandpa for lunch and shop at the outlets. We had a little trouble getting started, but we persevered and ended up having a fantastic day trip! You can, too, by following these three easy steps:

If Your Debit Card is Missing, Try Checking Your Wallet

Since “day trip” often equals “shopping trip” it is crucial that you have a form of payment on hand. The evening before our trip I discovered my debit card was missing. I was in Target at the time, so after searching my entire purse I went out to the parking lot and looked through my car to see if it had fallen out somewhere. Finding nothing, I drove home and looked through two other purses as well as around my entire bedroom. My efforts were in vain. I finally called the last store I had used my card in case I had left it there. I hadn’t, and in an act of desperation I searched through my original purse one more time. I saw something sticking out from my wallet, and, lo and behold, there it was! I had left my debit card in my wallet! Imagine that.

No Matter How Long It Takes, Get Out of Town

Another important aspect of starting a day trip is that you leave your city of residence. On Thursday morning my mom, Brian, and I left bright and early in order to hit the outlets right when they opened. My mom had offered to send out a piece of overnight mail for my dad as we went out of town, so when she drove past the grocery store where she usually drops off packages, I asked where we were going.

“We’re going to a different Meijer,” she said, “I’m always afraid the packages I send out here won’t make it. Last time, when I mailed an envelope overseas, the lady working there asked if England was the same as the Netherlands.”

I have to admit, she had a point. The boy working at the further location was knowledgeable, but not altogether helpful, as he informed us that Meijer does not do overnight shipping. Frustration mounted as our little caravan took a hike to the post office. We pulled up to dark doors and hours starting at 9am. It was 8:41. Twenty-four minutes later we pulled out of the post office. We hadn’t even left our zip code and my feet were cramped, half my snacks were eaten, and I had to use the bathroom. Which brings me to my next point.

Use the Facilities Before Leaving Home, or at Least Before Getting On the Expressway

Once we pulled out of the post office I turned to my mom.

“Um, sorry, but….do you think we could stop? I have to use the bathroom.”

“It’s okay, I was thinking the same thing,” she said.

Before we got on the expressway we stopped at a gas station.

“Oh, it feels good to stretch my legs!” said my mom as she stepped out of the vehicle.

I agreed. It seemed ridiculous to stretch our legs and use the bathroom at a gas station ten minutes away from our house, but we had spent over an hour driving around town. About a quarter after nine we were finally on our way to Birch Run. We had smooth sailing from then on, and I’m sure next time it will go even better now that I have these three day trip tips.


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  1. Oh Anna,
    You make my day every time I read your blog. Just so you know
    I am very good at directions, but can’t find my way out of a mall
    parking lot.

  2. I love the bathroom stop 10 minutes from home! My oldest sister has a wonderful saying, “you can never be too empty!”

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