Silly Saturday

Shannon and I both slept in on Saturday morning. We had stayed up late the night before watching reruns of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye with Shannon’s friends, so we were glad for a morning with no alarms. We lounged long enough to make plans for the day and then headed to the mall for an afternoon of shopping, manicures, and Starbucks.

As you can see, we ran into Ariel along the way. After I took this picture I saw my camera was low on batteries, so we walked into Radio Shack.

Enter young male salesmen, slightly on the flirtatious side. He asked what we were looking for, and when I told him batteries, he said,

“Really? We’re actually having a HUGE sale on batteries today!”

Of course you are, young, flirty male salesman. I told him I just needed the smallest pack of AAs he had. He gave me a four-pack, smiled, and said,

“This is five dollars, but if you buy two-hundred twenty-three more you get two free. It’s a REALLY great deal.”

“Yeah, sounds like it,” I said, “but I don’t really want to carry around that many.”

When we finally made it out of the store Shannon turned to me and said,

“I knew that was going to be bad as soon as we walked in.”

We continued our shopping for a while until we decided it was time to get our manicures. Neither of us had had a manicure before, and we were very pleased with the results. Now our hands are ready to give Celtic Woman enthusiastic applause on Sunday! After our manicures we ended our shopping trip with iced drinks and shoe shopping. Don’t you love the shoes Shannon bought?







On our way back to the bus stop I saw from a distance the bus parked at the sign.

“Is that our bus? Should we try to catch it?” I asked Shannon.

“Yes, but I don’t think we need to….”

But it was too late. I was already running after the bus and screaming, “Wait! Wait!”

When I got to the door I saw why my sister hadn’t sprinted along with me. A woman in a wheelchair had just been lifted into the bus and there was a crowd of people waiting to get on after her. I blushed as I skidded to a halt.

“Oops,” I said. “I guess I didn’t have to run.”

“Yup,” said a man standing by me. “You’re in luck. We’re all waiting to get on.”

Despite my making a fool of myself, Shannon still let me sit by her on the bus.

Once we got back to Shannon’s house we spent the rest of the day with her housemates watching Alfred Hitchcock, giggling, baking, and pretending there was a tornado by screaming and running up and down the stairs. Ah, how I miss college life.


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  1. Haha! The bus part reminds me of Chicago…I think maybe bus drivers in other cities aren’t as mean as the Chicago ones 🙂

    • Yeah, I think the bus drivers here are a little less intense. All of being here with Shannon reminds me of Chicago and Moody… staying in her house with all the girls, taking the bus around town, going to chapel… it makes me miss everything, but it also brings back some wonderful memories. 🙂

  2. Shannon’s shoes are darling. I’m curious to know how high the heel is. Something tells me Grandma S. would be proud!

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