Text Me Maybe

I have two wonderful friends who like to show me new things. For instance, a few months ago they introduced me to nail polish. My once naked nails have now seen countless shades of brights, metallics, and sparkles. I own seven colors, two top coats, and just this morning I painted my nails with OPI. Needless to say, it was inevitable that once my two wonderful friends brought up texting, it was going to happen.

Some people are shocked when they find out you don’t have texting. One man looked like he needed mouth to mouth resuscitation when I told him I had never sent a text before. It’s a wonder I survived the first twenty-four years of my life, though I assure you I got together with friends, went on a few dates, and wished people a happy birthday, all without ever pressing the “send message” button on my phone.

While no texting has not bothered me in the least, my friends and family would say otherwise. Someone without texting is like a friend without a facebook account when you want to send a group message, a relative without a blu-ray player when that’s all you own, or a sister without a tape adaptor in her car when you want to listen to your ipod. I can only imagine what it was like back when a telephone was the latest trend:

“Let’s call Eleanor and see if she can go to the square dance with us.”

“Eleanor doesn’t have a telephone, remember?”

“What? She lives three miles away! I guess we’ll have to go without her.”

I can understand three miles, but I still don’t get what’s so hard about calling someone instead of texting:

“Let’s text Emily and see if she can go swing dancing with us.”

“Don’t you remember? Emily doesn’t have texting.”

“What? It would take, like, three minutes to call her! I guess we’ll have to go without her.”

I mean, really?

But no matter my opinion on the subject, I thought it best, not only for my friends’ sake, but also for the sake of the majority of my social circle, that I get texting. I now have had texting on my phone for four days and am already able to text, “Hello, how are you?” in 2 minutes and 29 seconds, compared to the 4 minutes and 57 seconds it took on my first day. This is very convenient, because it is only forty-five times the amount it would take me to actually speak the sentence if I just called someone. (Does something seem wrong here?) Of course, I could cut my time back even more by texting, “hi how r u?” a phrase that is, though short, so grammatically disastrous it requires caution tape.

I really don’t think texting is a total waste of time. There’s a reason I have it, and I’ve already experienced the convenience of sending/receiving a text as opposed to talking to someone over the phone. Besides, it feels good to be up to date and know other people can get a hold of you easier. So if you have my number text me, and (maybe) I’ll text you back.


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  1. So good! Just remember… lol is for 12 year olds! Don’t do it!!!! Statistics show that when people text “lol” they are really only laughing out loud 82% of the time. That is basically like lying. So please, if you think it’s funny regarding anything I may text you… just text back “ha ha!!!” I think it’s much more appropriate. And no winks. Don’t get me started on winks. Who winks in real life?

    • Snort! Hilarious!
      I used to text like a fiend. Then I didn’t have a phone with texting capabilities for almost a year. Now I do, and I hardly ever text. Habit broken. 🙂 (wink! lol! haha!)

    • I promise I will NEVER text you lol. No worries. Ha ha it will be from here on out. And the winks…. yes! I agree! I always thought they were kind of creepy.

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