Not Your Mother’s Musical

Last night my cousin, Julia (remember the one I went open-housing with?), and I went to the movie theater. We saw Singin’ in the Rain. Yes, I did say Singin’ in the Rain, and yes, it was the original 1952 version. Celebration Cinema did a one-time showing of the classic last night. We had a great time…. once the movie started, that is.

Show-time was at 7 and we arrived at 6:30. We were directed to Theater 10 and decided to go ahead and find seats. We were surprised to walk in and find that the previews had already started. We struggled to find seats in the dark, and when we finally focused our attention on the screen were a bit taken aback by the busty blond woman in a tight black mini skirt singing a rock song. We tried to wait it out until the preview ended.

Except it didn’t.

I finally turned to Julia,

“I don’t think this is a preview. And I don’t think it’s Singin’ in the Rain, either. Let’s leave.”

As we walked out I spotted the employee we had passed when entering.

“Excuse me,” I said. “Is this where Singin’ in the Rain is showing? Because I really don’t think that’s Debbie Reynolds in there.”

The boy laughed, “No, Rock of Ages is showing right now. It’ll be done soon, and after that you can go in for Singin’ in the Rain. I wondered why you walked in there.”

I’m sure the middle-aged women and 6-year old girls now waiting outside Theater 10 thought we were a hoot.

Once the movie finally started it was great. Julia and I had both seen the movie countless times before, and we thoroughly enjoyed it again. Apparently my enjoyment was obvious to others as well, because after the movie ended we ran into a woman from our church who was there with her daughter.

“Oh, hi!” she said. “We knew it was you in there! Jennifer said, ‘Listen Mom, isn’t that Anna Connelly laughing?’ I wasn’t certain of it, but then you laughed again and I knew for sure. Had you not seen it before?”

“Well, I’ve actually, uh, seen it several times. I laugh like that every time, though!”

It’s true. When Donald O’Connor sings “Make ‘Em Laugh,” I take it very literally.


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  1. haha…I’m sure those people appreciated you guys walking in late trying to find seats! Yep I can still hear your laugh echoing in the plaza!

    • Yeah, I know, we were talking and being kind of disruptive because we thought it was just a preview. And then when we realized it wasn’t we were definitely stifling laughter on the way out. 🙂

    • Haha… it really does seem that what should be simple/boring for me turns into a funny (and sometimes embarrassing!) story. But I like that… it keeps life interesting. 🙂

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