A Ride With Jack

Yesterday morning my mom and I left on a road trip to Minnesota. We have my college friend’s wedding reception on Saturday and are visiting relatives who live in the same area. It’s a long trip, so we decided to leave at 5:30am Thursday morning which means we left at 6. You know how that goes. The GPS was a must, and Jack was the voice option we chose. Throughout our travels Jack began to take on a personality of his own. We came to know him pretty well, actually. Here are a few things we learned about Jack:

Jack’s way is not the highway. When Jack began taking us on back roads and past corn fields my mom and I didn’t think too much of it. But when he got us stuck behind a tractor, took us past Peppermint Patty’s Preschool and said, “Turn left at Old McDonald’s farm” we couldn’t help but wonder if Jack had something against the main expressway. Sure enough, when we checked his settings we found he was programmed to avoid toll roads. We quickly taught Jack that highways were something to be embraced.

Jack doesn’t like it when you ignore him. After six hours in the car a shopping district spotted from the highway is like an oasis in the desert. We took the exit and when Jack started freaking out my mom turned him off.

“Take a nap, Jack,” said my mom. “The girls are going to take a shopping break.”

However, once we got off the exit ramp and came to the stoplight, the stores and businesses seemed to have disappeared. Puzzled, we started driving through country roads, seeing more barns, cows, and corn fields. The oasis must have been a mirage, because we never did find the shopping district. We didn’t really want any more back road travel, so we turned Jack back on, and after saying, “I told you so,” he directed us back to the highway. As you can see, I was very happy when we finally found a Kohl’s.

Jack likes Michigan time, even in Minnesota. My mom and I were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to our destination one hour before we thought we would! We assumed Jack’s projected arrival time was already set for the time it would be in Minnesota. Apparently Jack doesn’t like time change, which is fine with me, because what a relief it was to find out we were only a few minutes away from my aunt and uncle’s house!

Now that we’re here, the fun really begins! I am super excited to spend time with my relatives and friend! Jack gets to take a nap for a little while until my mom and I hit the road with Jack next time.


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  1. Anna, so you decided to go with Jack instead of the sweet girl with the English accent. She never got me lost. I guess that would have been too many women in the car or maybe you just wanted to have a guy around. I’m sure Kohl’s was just as happy to see you too.

    • Yes, we decided to go with Jack. 🙂 We were kind of sick of the girl’s voice, I guess. Kohl’s was probably happy to see me, because I ended up buying shoes from them… I got a pair for $5! I’ll have to show you when I get home. 🙂

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