Love Is All Around

If you read about our ride with Jack, you already know that my mom and I went on a road trip to Minnesota this past weekend. We went to my friend’s wedding reception on Saturday, and had a great time with her. Wendy was my roommate in college and is the only person I know who had two weddings and four receptions on three different continents! Pretty cool, right? I love her to death, and her husband, Simon, is absolutely charming. The reception was fun, and I especially enjoyed the fact that I was able to wear my favorite dress for several hours.

Wendy and Simon hit the road on Sunday, but my mom and I still had another full day ahead of us. My relatives decided to take us downtown for the afternoon, but first we had to find cash for bus fare. Nine people trying to find $1.75 each requires a game of Monopoly with three piggy banks, five bankers, seventeen piles of loose change, and mass confusion. However, we did finally make it to the bus stop.

While downtown we walked the streets, popped into shops, and, to my delight….


Those of you who know me know that I love The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Really, REALLY love it. And if you’ve never seen it, you should at least watch the opening theme song. Here it is:

See at the end where she throws her hat? That’s where I was! VERY exciting. I thought I should take a picture. Or two. Or three.

After the statue we proceeded on to a park where we saw Minnehaha Falls. The falls were gorgeous, but after walking around for a while decided I should leave the platform sandals at home next time I want to hike around a waterfall. I was very thankful for my aunt who later provided me with foot scrub and lotion for my sore feet.

I could have stayed in Minnesota for a while and seen Mary Tyler Moore a few more times, but on Monday it was time to leave. Stryker, my aunt and uncle’s dog, couldn’t resist giving me a goodbye kiss.

Then we were off! If you want to know how our trip back went, just read my last post. Because all of the same things happened. Including the disappearing mall. No kidding. The only difference is that we finally ended up at a shopping center that had a Disney Store Outlet, which, at least in my book, is ten times better than a Kohl’s!

My mom and I had a fantastic weekend and are so thankful to have spent time with friends and family. Thank you Uncle Tom, Aunt Kay, Uncle Martin, Aunt Tonja, Justice, Jarod, and Josie, for hosting us and spending time with us this weekend! I had an awesome time with all of you and can’t wait to come back!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip, Anna. But the shopping district mirage is a real puzzle! Enjoyed seeing the pics of everyone. ( :

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