Like and Tell


I’ve been playing my violin for a lot of weddings lately and in so doing I’ve developed a few tell-tale signs of a musician spending multiple hours in nuptial settings:



– I can play Canon in D with my eyes closed, knees locked, and hands tied together behind my back.

– I wear all black like it’s the latest fashion trend.

– I keep my car keys in my music bag and ditch the purse.

All that to say, I love playing for weddings and would like to add even more to my schedule. In fact, I want to so much that I wish I could grab a megaphone, get on the top of my roof, and scream, “I WANT TO PLAY FOR YOUR WEDDING!”

However, the neighbors might not appreciate this tactic, so I did the next best thing: I made a facebook page. Which means that you can now go to and see a picture of my lovely violin, as well as find out how you can contact me to play at a wedding, or any other special event for that matter. I’m really excited about my facebook page and I would be really happy if you did the following two things:

1. LIKE: Go to my page and click “like!” (If you don’t have a facebook account, you won’t be able to “like” my page, but you can still view it.) Find my page by clicking here.

2. TELL: Tell your family, friends, neighbors, mailman, grocery store checkout person… EVERYONE… that I’d love to play for their wedding or special event. And then send them to my facebook page and tell them to do the first thing I told you to do. 🙂

Like and Tell. Kind of like Show and Tell with a Like instead of a Show. Anyway, thanks so much for helping me out, because I know as soon as you’re done reading this you’re going to do these two things. Ready? GO!


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  1. Congratulations Anna! Its funny how your items learned are spoken by every female professional musician I know. Apparently you’ve joined our group of slightly crazy, string playing, gigging musicians! Good Luck!

  2. I ran right out and told the mailman and he looked at me funny, And said but I Am already married. But I said you have to use Anna for your wedding you just have to. He then said well I guess I could have two wives:)

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