Marriage Swings, Tattooed Rings, and Other Goofy Wedding Things

My cousins from Minnesota came to visit this past weekend. My aunt and uncle are on their anniversary trip, so my family had the pleasure of having Justice, Jarod, and Josie stay with us for a while. We went to Art Prize, played at the park, watched Walt Disney’s Robin Hood, and had countless hilarious conversations. During our last day together my talks with Justice and Josie shifted to the nuptial side of things.

Marriage Swings

At the park Justice, Josie, and I enjoyed swinging on the swing-set while Jarod ran around the playground. As we were swinging higher and higher Josie noticed she was swinging in unison with me.

“Look! We’re on the same level!” cried Josie.

“Yeah,” I said, “I remember when I was in elementary school if you were swinging together like this the other kids would say you were married to each other.”

“We’re married, we’re married!” Josie laughed as we swung together.

Pretty soon we were out of sync, but then Justice and I got “married,” and back and forth it went as we continued to swing. While I was looking the other way I heard Justice call out to me.

“Look Anna! We’re married!” she said.

I turned my head, only to see that we were already out of sync.

“Looks like I missed it,” I said.

“I think you guys were only on a date,” said Josie.

When Justice saw her brother run by the swing-set she called out to him.

“Jarod!” she said, “Come join us on the swings!”

Jarod came and sat on the swing.

“Let’s see if you get married!” Justice said.

Jarod looked disgustedly at his sister.

“I do NOT want to swing,” he said, and ran as fast as he could to the other side of the playground.

Tattooed Rings

We must have officially scared Jarod off because when the three of us girls decided to stop swinging and go for a walk, Jarod opted to stay on the playground. Our conversation again turned to matrimonial topics when we saw a couple getting engagement pictures taken together.

“I never want to get married,” said Justice.

“Me neither,” I said.

“But you just did,” pointed out Josie, “Seven times on the swing set.”

“And if I do,” continued Justice, “I don’t want a wedding ring, I want a tattoo on my finger, because I don’t really like jewelry.”

We all thought that was a good idea, though we realized it might make things a bit complicated during the exchanging of the rings part during the ceremony.

Goofy Things

When we got back to our house Justice told me that she is going to marry Robin Hood.

“That’s cool,” I said. “I’m going to marry Han Solo.”

“And I’m going to marry Roy Rogers,” chimed in Shannon, my sister.

It seems our chances for matrimony are slim, seeing how all our prospects are either imaginary or dead. But that doesn’t seem to bother us too much.

“But I thought you didn’t want to get married,” said my dad, who was standing nearby.

“No,” said Justice, “I don’t, but if I get to decide that I’m not getting married then I also get to decide who I’m going to marry.”

That made perfect sense to Shannon and me, but my dad wasn’t so sure.

 Justice, Jarod, and Josie, I had a super time with you! I’m so glad you were able to come and visit… I hope you come back soon!


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