Princess Preparation

Shannon and I are going to be princesses. For real. This is not a joke, a dream, or a delusion. A friend who is a manager at Women at Risk, International has asked us to be the princesses at a princess party the organization has every year for children. As you can imagine, Shannon and I are thrilled, our parents are hardly amused, and our brother has gone into hiding.

Since Shannon and I are lacking in the fairy godmother department, we’ve had to do some serious princess preparation. Dresses weren’t too hard to come by, so we are adequately prepared to make our appearances as Cinderella and Belle. Seeing that the event was coming up, Shannon and I had a royal powwow last night to make certain all was ready for our big day.

First on the line of business was Youtube. Within thirty minutes we had watched approximately 43 home videos of two-year-olds meeting princesses in Disney World. We studied hug, smile, voice, and mannerisms. We even started critiquing the actors:

“She is not a good Rapunzel… she acts way too normal!”

“Isn’t she an adorable Ariel? She says ‘oh my gosh’ just like her!”

You get the idea.

Then there was the moment of emergency:


Lest you be confused, I assure you that the loss of white silk gloves is indeed an emergency in the princess world. Fortunately, the gloves were found within fifteen minutes and all things princess-y went back to normal.

As the princesses on Saturday we are required to tell a story, so there were decisions to make about the tale to tell. Considerations included:

a. Who should tell the story first, Belle or Cinderella?

b. How long should Cinderella talk about the tea party before Belle reads the story?

c. Should Cinderella tell the story about the mean maid in the palace or how she met Prince Charming?

d. Should the princesses sing a song after story time, and if so, which one?

After going through our story routine a few times, Shannon and I decided to give our tiaras a rest for the night. We’ll pick them up again on Saturday morning, so if you have any young children (boys are welcome, as there will be super heroes, too) be sure to bring them to the WAR Chest Boutique in Wyoming this Saturday, October 27 from 10-11:30am! It’s sure to be a grand time!

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