Princess Party

Today was the big day! Shannon and I woke up bright and early this morning to get ready for the Princess Party. We did our hair and makeup, packed our dresses, loaded up Snow White (my ’98 Honda Civic), and turned on the Disney playlist as we drove to the WAR Chest Boutique in Grandville.

At 10am sharp our dresses were on and Shannon and I were fully in character as Cinderella and Belle. When the girls arrived for the party Shannon greeted them at the door and I was at the tea party station, ready to serve them tea. We each had our share of questions as the girls tried to figure out exactly who we were:

“Are you two really princesses?” one of the girls asked me.

“Yes, we are!” I replied. “We both came today especially for the party!”

This answer resulted in a dropped jaw and eyes the size of tiaras.

A different girl asked Shannon, “Where do you live?”

Shannon replied, “I live with Prince Charming in the castle!”

Another gaping mouth and wide eyes.

Later in the party the girls played “musical princesses” where they walked around in a circle until the music stopped. During the game, one of the girls lost her shoe.

“Oh don’t worry,” said Shannon, “That happens to me all the time. It’s very frustrating!”

Then there was story time. We even sang a song at the end.

As you can see, Shannon and I really enjoyed singing together.

When the party was over we had a couple of the adults come over to us.

“You should do this for birthday parties! People could pay you for it!”

Getting paid to be princesses should be illegal it would be so fun.

“You girls did such a great job!” said another. “Are you in high school?”

Nope. Not in high school. Just two goofy twenty and twenty-four year olds who happen to be obsessed with princesses.

When the party was over Shannon and I were hesitant to get out of our dresses. We paced around the store while taking pictures until we decided it was time to leave. It was sad to take off our princess dresses, but we’re hoping we’ll have a reason to put them on again soon. Besides, every day is a princess day, right? Especially when your sister happens to be Cinderella!

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