Broken Vessels in Fremont!

Last night, on Sunday, December 2, the cast of Broken Vessels was thrilled to give their first performance at the Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts in Fremont, Michigan. As you can see, we were so excited to be able to perform in such a fine facility!

I am extremely grateful for Steve and Lisa DeHaan for providing us the opportunity to perform at the Dogwood and for everyone in the audience who came and showed their support. I am also appreciative of Kate Johnson, Sharon Felten, and Matthew and Elysa Grzybowski for coming along to help us backstage. It was a wonderful night and I praise God for His Word and that He used Broken Vessels to tell of His sovereignty and grace.

It was pretty late when we finally left Fremont, and VERY foggy! After crawling through miles of back roads and almost hitting a coyote (yikes!) we finally made it back to Hudsonville. Now we’re preparing for next week’s performance on Sunday, December 9 at Grace Community Church! Click here if you want more information on that. In the meantime, here are a few shots from last night… enjoy!


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