So… What’s With the Trailer??

ImageIf you’ve been on facebook lately, you might have noticed that Broken Vessels (the play I wrote about the 5 women in the genealogy of Christ) just released its official trailer. (If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can watch it by clicking here!) I’m really excited about the completion of this project, and extremely grateful to those who helped put it together. While many of you might have enjoyed watching the trailer, liked it on facebook, and even shared it with friends, you might be wondering, “So… what’s with the trailer anyway?”

The stories of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary tell the overall story of the redemption of man through the One Man, Jesus Christ, and I believe this story is worth telling again and again. It is my desire to continue to bring Broken Vessels to venues, specifically in the West Michigan area, during the year 2014.

The Broken Vessels trailer is a tool I believe essential to moving Broken Vessels forward, in order to offer further opportunity to perform this show. It is meant to give people a glimpse of what Broken Vessels is all about: the brokenness and sinfulness of man and the sovereignty and forgiveness of Emmanuel. It is also meant to help pastors, teachers, and ministry leaders best know how Broken Vessels might be used in their particular venues, whether it be for a church service, retreat, conference, or special event.

As readers of my blog, I hope you will help spread the word about Broken Vessels! The trailer, as well as the Broken Vessels facebook page and the Broken Vessels page on my website will help you tell others about this mission. If you’d like to see Broken Vessels come to your home church, please tell your pastor to contact me!

In all of this, I pray and trust that the Lord’s will be done. Much more than my desire to perform Broken Vessels, I hunger to follow Christ and tell of His great salvation in any way He allows. Whether it is through Broken Vessels, other writings, or a means yet unknown to me, I strive to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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