Bring Fourth the Fireworks

fireworksMy family decided to skip the fireworks last night for a quiet evening at home. As Shannon said, “When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” However, we were ignorant to the fact that skipping the fireworks to stay home is actually signing up for a front row seat.

It all started when my parents, sister, and I were watching War Horse. As if on cue, the neighbors started firing their crackers during the climactic battle scene, when Albert and his fellow soldiers run across the battlefield. We weren’t expecting much when we rented the DVD from the library, but ended up getting a fully environmental experience. The sound of bombs were not only coming from the speakers, but from all four sides of our house, not to mention the streaks of red and white shooting past the window.

Shannon’s previous quote turned void as soon as the movie ended, because all four of us were sprinting from one window to the next, trying to catch a glimpse of each colorful explosion, the music from the end credits providing an appropriate soundtrack.

We laughed at a status Shannon read us from facebook saying, “When you listen to the fireworks tonight, imagine if they were bombs surrounding your house.”

“Trust me,” said Shannon, “We’ve already been through that!”

In all seriousness, I am glad for the reminder of what so many soldiers went through in order for me to stay home on the Fourth of July and enjoy my family and my freedom. It takes a courage and selflessness I don’t understand to leave everything behind and fight for something you’re not certain you’ll live to see. I am thankful for the rich history of my country and for all the brave people who have preserved it!

Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. I love this comment, “I don’t understand to leave everything behind and fight for something you’re not certain you’ll live to see.” I give those guys so much credit for what they do. I’m glad we can celebrate our freedom each year…either away from or at home.

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