Cookie Comes to Town

Shannon and I have done our share of petsitting. My first experience was in second grade when I took a turn watching the chicks who had just hatched from the classroom incubator. (Yes, it was as cute as it sounds.) Then in fifth grade I watched the classroom rabbit over Spring Break. Shannon finally got her chance when she took a turn with the fifth grade classroom turtles. Not only are turtles NOT cute and fuzzy, they ARE smelly and messy. That was the first and last time Shannon looked at, touched, or held a turtle, and I believe she boycotted Franklin books as well.

Once we were a little older, Shannon and I took turns caring for various neighborhood pets. Sometimes our petsitting skills called for an overnight stay at the pet owner’s house, the most memorable one being the night the cat we were watching somehow opened the door into the Master Bedroom and pounced into bed on top of Shannon. Now that’ll wake you up at 3am! Needless to say, the scaredy-cat that night was not the feline.

Even after all our years of petsitting, Shannon and I have to admit we have never seen anything quite as adorable as our current client. Say hello to Cookie.


Cookie is Shannon’s friend’s (Paige) rabbit that we are watching at our house for the next week and a half. Paige has trained her pet well. Not only does Cookie look cute, but he is potty-trained, stands on cue, and plays fetch (as in, Cookie throws a ball, and the nearest human goes to fetch). Now that’s one smart Cookie!

Shannon and I figure that, if the bunny is that smart, we can teach him some of our own tricks. We plan to have Cookie sitting, staying, shaking hands, reciting the alphabet, painting color-by-number sheets, and playing Rachmaninoff on a Steinway by the end of the week. Then, again, that might be a bit much to expect, so for now we’ll start with Chopsticks. As you can see, he’s already practicing his posture.

Posture Practice

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