Somebunny’s Under the Bed

If I told you I had a dust bunny under my bed, this is probably not the first thing to come to mind.

Somebunny's Under the Bed

But it sure is what I mean, because this little guy has been giving the bottom of Shannon and my bunk bed a thorough cleaning, thanks to his Swiffer-like ears.

In case you missed my last blog, Shannon and I are taking care of Cookie for the next week and a half. For whatever reason, the underneath of our bed seems to be Cookie’s favorite place to hang out. This is kind of a cute idea, until it’s time for Shannon and me to go to bed ourselves, which must be prefaced with tucking Cookie into his cage.

Take Monday night, for example. I was sitting on the top bunk, taking in my nightly dose of Jane Austen, and Cookie was a couple stories down, probably chilling on top of the air conditioning vent, when Shannon came in for the night.

“I’m tired, I’m going to put Cookie away now,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, barely turning my attention from the goings-on of Fanny Price.

I figured Shannon putting Cookie in his cage shouldn’t take a second thought, but the occurrence that followed turned into what I believe should be submitted as the next Olympic event.

After several minutes of hearing Shannon calling to Cookie, I looked over the edge of my bunk to see Shannon on her hands and knees.

“You might have to move the boxes out,” I said, and Shannon proceeded to drag out a couple of storage boxes.

“I see him there,” she said, “but he’s not coming out.”

I figured Fanny could be put on hold, so I climbed down to scope out the situation. Shannon and I both stared under the bed like two mechanics evaluating a car engine.

“Here, let me go under,” I said, and I got on my belly, slithering into the tight area between the bottom of the bed and the carpet. I wriggled around for a while, trying to grab Cookie, but my efforts were useless. Shannon laughed as she watched my bottom half on the other end of the bed contort in different ways as I moved around.

“How about I take a picture of this for your blog!” she said.

When I finally coaxed Cookie to hop out, Shannon was ready on the other side, but, alas! two tired sisters at 11:15pm are no match for a playful little rabbit, and Cookie ran back under the bed! We continued in this kind of “bunny ping-pong” with me coaxing Cookie out, only to escape Shannon’s waiting arms and run back in. I don’t even remember how it happened, but after forty minutes Shannon and I succeeded in putting Cookie back in his cage. We both sat on the floor, panting.

“I guess we don’t need to go to bed now,” I said, “It’s probably about time to get up!”

* * *

On Tuesday night Shannon came up with a new technique called “nonchalance.” The scene was the same: I was reading in bed and Cookie was down under, when Shannon walked in the door with a tiny bowl of Cookie’s favorite greens. She placed the bowl on the floor.

“Oh, Annaaaa,” she said, drawing out her vowels, raising and lowering her pitch accordingly, “Look-y here, we have kaaaale. Too bad Cookie’s not here to eeeeeat it!”

We both waited, and successively found out that nonchalant bribery doesn’t work with rabbits, especially a smart rabbit like Cookie. In a few minutes I climbed down from my bunk and was back under the bed. (Shannon and I have since discussed installing a fire pole to cut down on travel time.) Our skills must have been sharpened from the previous night, because Cookie was back in his cage in less than thirty minutes.

* * *

It is Wednesday night as I write this, so I have yet to know what is in store for our daily Cookie Shuffle. Maybe Shannon will come up with some new technique, but I have a feeling I better be prepared to brave the bleak underbelly of our bed. Then again, what am I complaining about? I have a stinkin’ cute bunny living in my bedroom! So reading interruptions, bed excavations, and all, I’ll gladly hop to it.

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