Goodbye Cookie

goodbye CookieThe day finally came for Shannon and me to say goodbye to Cookie. Sad for us, but very happy for Cookie’s “mother,” Paige. By the way, did I mention that Shannon and I were officially named Cookie’s aunts? I have a feeling that when I start telling people my one-year-old nephew is furry, adorable, and has really long ears I might get some raised eyebrows.

As far as the tricks Shannon and I were planning to teach Cookie, we didn’t get very far, though he certainly did pull a trick on us by hiding under the bed every night. (You can read about this episode by clicking here.) We’re hoping to convince Paige to go on some more trips so we have time to work on teaching him tricks, as well as social skills at 11pm when your roommates want to hit the sack.

Now that Cookie’s gone, Shannon decided she needed a pet of her own, so she came home with one yesterday. Say hello to Tobias.

meet Tobias

As you can see, Tobias is a fish, and a Betta fish at that. Did you know that you can’t put two Betta fish in one bowl because they will eat each other? Now THAT’S a species who needs to work on their social skills! Our new mantra for Tobias is adapted from Bruce in Finding Nemo: “Fish are friends (not to mention family!), not food.”

Sure, Tobias isn’t as cute and fuzzy as Cookie, but Shannon has three words for you: “Fun. Easy. Affordable.” And I have four words to add to that: “Can’t. Hide. Under. Bed.” We both agree it would be a blast to get a furry friend, but for now, a guy like Tobias is a little more practical, even if his ancestral dietary habits are a bit, uh, fishy.

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