Sara Groves: I’ll Wait

IMG_2000My friend, Brittney, and I were laughing a few weeks ago about the difference in the amount of music on our iPods. When comparing the number of songs on each device, I had over 1000 more songs compared to Brittney’s modest selection, hers generally consisting of the same couple genres, and mine ranging from hip-hop to Holst, country to Celtic Woman.

I love music, and I believe every season has its sound, whether we’re talking autumn or winter, or more indefinite periods of grief, waiting, or doubt. There are some artists I turn to more often than others, their three-dimensional lyrics and melodies embracing the fullness of life. Sara Groves is one of those artists for me, and her album Invisible Empires in particular has helped me sort through difficult times and spurred me on toward my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The first time I heard Sara Groves sing live was at Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week in February 2007, and I am thrilled to see Sara in concert again in just a few weeks at the church where I work: Grace Community Church in Hudsonville, MI. The concert is on Thursday, October 16 at 7pm, and if you’d like to come, click here to order tickets!

As I look forward to this event (as well as encourage others to come!) I’m going to blog about some of my favorite Sara Groves songs from Invisible Empires. Each week I will post a blog featuring one of her songs, as well as include the lyrics and a link to listen to the song online. For this first week I’m featuring the song “I’ll Wait.” This is my current theme song, the lyrics pointing out my vain attempts to “make” things happen and my pointless anxiety over things I can’t control. It always brings peace to surrender and simply say, “I’ll wait for You, I don’t want to do this by myself.”

I’ll Wait on YouTube.

I’ll Wait lyrics.

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