Sara Groves: Scientists in Japan

IMG_2015“Scientists in Japan” is one of those songs that you have to listen to, if for no other reason than to satisfy the curiosity the title incites. While attending a conference addressing bioethics, Sara Groves decided to write a song beginning with the line, “Scientists in Japan are building a robot to take your job.” The song would point out the need for Christians to be engaged in the conversation about ethics in science, and what started out as a challenge led to a witty song co-written with Andy Gullahorn.

I admire Sara for tackling such a weighty issue through the means of songwriting, as well as crafting these clever lyrics. Take a listen if you haven’t before! Below are links to listen to “Scientists in Japan” on YouTube, Sara telling the story behind the song, and the lyrics. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to get your tickets for next week’s concert!*

Scientists in Japan” on YouTube.

Scientists in Japan: Story Behind the Song” on YouTube.

Scientists in Japan” lyrics.

* If you’ve been following my blog posts from the last few weeks, you know that Sara Groves is coming to the church I work at, Grace Community Church in Hudsonville, MI, for a concert on Thursday, October 16 at 7pm. It is going to be a wonderful evening, and I encourage anyone in the West Michigan area to come out for the concert. You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

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