Sara Groves: Obsolete

IMG_2017This week is the week! The Sara Groves concert is tomorrow, Thursday, October 16! I am super excited, and if you live in the West Michigan area, I hope you’re planning to come. If you still need to purchase tickets, they are available through iTickets by clicking here, and will also be sold at the door. It’s going to be a wonderful night!

For my final post on my favorite Sara Groves songs, I’m featuring her song “Obsolete,” which is quite possibly my favorite of the favorites. Sara wrote this song in response to social media, which she says, “constantly makes me feel like I’m not enough.” The “invisible empires” of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. put relentless pressure on their occupants to create for themselves a platform that is above everyone else’s. This process is draining, and leaves even the most-liked and most-followed feeling empty. In “Obsolete: The Story Behind the Song” (for which I’ve included a link below) Sara points out real relationships and meetings that are missed because of our obsession with promoting these unseen kingdoms.

If you haven’t listened to “Obsolete” before, below is a link to listen to it on YouTube, to watch “Obsolete: The Story Behind the Song,” and to read the lyrics.

Obsolete” on YouTube.

Obsolete: Story Behind the Song” on YouTube.

Obsolete” lyrics.

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