We Ditched the Whole Scene

Shannon, my sister, turns the big “22” tomorrow, so we decided to have a party with a few friends last night. The Friday night before Shannon’s birthday also happened to be the Friday night of Halloween, and since two cars in the driveway and having all your outside lights on don’t exactly discourage trick-or-treaters, Shannon and I were a bit more popular than expected.

At 6:30pm, half an hour before the party started, the doorbell rang. Shannon peered out of the peephole we have in our front door.

“Just trick-or-treaters,” she said, and went back to preparing the final things for the party. The knocking and ringing of the doorbell continued, so Shannon and I took turns stationing ourselves at the peephole. After some incessant knocking and “trick-or-treat” calling, I stared out at three elementary-aged boys.

“I bet there are people in there!” yelled one of the boys. “I bet they’re looking through THIS!”

He thrust his pointer finger up to my eyeball, and I gasped and jumped back from the door. Nothing like being called out by a third-grader behind your own peephole!

When the clock finally approached 7, we realized we might have a hard time distinguishing our true guests, since we had told them to come in costume, too. At 6:52 the doorbell rang and Shannon went to her station at the peephole.

“Is that a real person yet?” I called.

“I’m trying to tell,” Shannon paused as she looked out at Rosie the Riveter. A few naturally curly wisps were sticking out of Rosie’s headband. “Oh yes, it’s Brittney!”

We let Rosie in, who was followed soon by the Joker’s girlfriend, a woman from the 1800s, and Cleopatra, all whom we screened as our “real people,” leaving a dragon, ninja, and clown high and dry on our front porch.

The knocking and doorbell-ringing continued for quite some time, and since we knew two more girls were coming late, we made sure to check the peephole. Shannon became our official announcer. After we heard a knock, she’d go to the peephole and give us a play-by-play:

“We’ve got a piece of bacon, folks. About four feet tall, and he looks kind of cold out there. He’s advancing toward the doorbell and” (the doorbell rings) “he rings it! He waits a minute, then turns around. I think his mom is calling him from the street. He lifts his hand to knock again, but… he doesn’t! He retreats back down the steps. You gotta feel sorry for the little sizzler!”

This kept us highly entertained for quite a while.

Once the clock reached 9 the trick-or-treating had pretty much wrapped up for the night… or so we thought. We were in the middle of playing “Guess Which Historical Figure Said the Famous Quote” (can you tell my sister wants to be a history teacher?) when a slow but definitive knock was heard. We still had one more guest coming, so Shannon went to the peephole.

“Is it Becky?” I called from the living room.

“I don’t know,” Shannon said slowly, “I don’t think Becky would wear that kind of makeup…”

I went to the door to give a second look. I peered out to see a smiling face looking freakily like Heath Ledger’s in The Dark Knight. Yikes!

“That is DEFINITELY not Becky!” I said, “And I am going to go and make sure our side door is locked!”

Becky soon arrived, and our historical group was completed with an Australian cowgirl (think Man From Snowy River). We all had a great time celebrating Shannon’s birthday with some history-themed games and TV shows, as well as a wild (I use that term lightly) dance party session to Taylor Swift’s “22.” While busting our moves, we even broke a picture frame, which is probably the most damaging thing that has ever occurred at our house during a birthday party. I guess that’s what happens when your parents are gone for the night!

I hope you all had a fun Halloween, and that your night was filled with more treats than tricks. As for us, as Taylor sings, “we ditched the whole scene!”


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