Kickstarter 2017 Coming Soon!

In my post The Story of Messenger, I introduced the idea of there being two additional pieces to accompany Messenger called Messiah and Majesty. I wrote Messiah this past fall and performed it this past Sunday with piano and three vocalists, and am currently in the midst of writing Majesty. It has been exciting to see doors opening for the production of these two pieces, as David Clydesdale has agreed to arrange these two works, and both he and Brian Felten are traveling to Prague this spring to record with the City of Prague Philharmonic for various other projects. Because of this, it is possible that the recording of Messiah and Majesty could be tagged on to these other sessions. I will begin another Kickstarter campaign within the next couple weeks to raise the needed funds. I don’t know what God has in store, but I am taking this step, as it seems He has led in this direction. I have full confidence that He will provide according to His plan. I will be certain to post again once the Kickstarter is launched – hopefully sometime next week! More to come soon. 🙂

Messiah performance – January 22



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