The Third Work

About one month ago I completed the writing process for Majesty, the final work in a series of three, following Messenger and Messiah. To complete this trilogy is exciting, and also surprising, as only fifteen months ago I didn’t know this project would exist! I am thankful for the opportunity to study and meditate upon three incredible passages of Scripture and create songs that reflect the powerful emotions and truths of these stories. Messenger follows the book of Malachi, Messiah tells the story of Christ’s transfiguration as recorded in the Synoptic gospels, and now Majesty concludes with the two witnesses who come to prophecy in Revelation 11.

I look forward to presenting Majesty for the first time on Sunday evening, March 26. The piece will be presented during the 6pm service at Grace Community Church in Hudsonville, MI. It is about fifteen minutes in length and features three soloists who portray various characters from the passage. All are invited to come!

In writing Majesty, I came across a verse in Romans 11 that refers to “the kindness and severity of God” (Romans 11:22). This small statement carries much weight, and for me it lended insight into the passage of Revelation 11, as well as the book of Revelation as a whole. Revelation tells about the judgment of the wicked and the reward of the righteous; God’s great severity and God’s great kindness. In Revelation 11, God sends two witnesses (whom I strongly suppose to be Moses and Elijah) to earth to proclaim the gospel. These witnesses cause plagues to happen on the earth, and with deadly fire from their mouths they kill anyone who dares to come against them. Their actions reflect the severity of God’s judgment, encouraging people to repent and believe in Christ, who thus will be welcomed into God’s lovingkindness. These witnesses are an extreme grace, a final call from God to His people to turn to Him. In my study of this story, I was moved by the great mercy of God to reach out to His people. My hope is that those who listen to Majesty will turn back to this passage of Scripture and recognize the kindness and severity of our King.



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  1. I can’t wait to hear this 3rd piece. And I hope some day to hear the entire Kingdom trilogy performed together. To God be the glory!

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